This video will be a public announcement for the Aloha College students on the topic of innovation, design, technology, creativity and making. It will outline the importance of this subject, and how it leads into the future. In the beginning of the video we will demonstrate the positive and beautiful aspects of earth, and why nature is such an important part of our lives. We will show what our earth was like in the 1950’s and show the contrast between it’s beauty from the past, and the near future in 2050, by indicating the main problems. In the past it will be wonderful, however by the year 2050, 100 years difference, it will be a disaster due to human activity, and how they’re destroying the planet. Finally, demonstrate how implementing design and technology in school will help us learn and advance in society, in order to maintain a stable and healthy earth, and make sure we can improve it, therefore we can try our best to not make it a disaster as previously shown in the year 2050.



From this project we have learnt various skills and programs. We learned how to plan and organize your project, how to source footage, music, and record voiceover. Additionally, now we know how to use Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. This has been a very inspiring experience, as now we know so much more about movie making, animation and production. This has been a very fun adventure for us, and we hope to come back to this in our future. Big thanks to Sameer, who has taught us all of this and sacrificed his valuable time. Huge thank you! - Aron and Andres.


  • Adobe After Effects

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Quicktime

  • Vimeo/Squarespace

  • Video 4K Capture Utility

  • Audio/Microphone Capture/Recording

  • Brainstorming Ideas & Video Scripting

  • Mac OS / iMac Pro / Google Docs

  • Online Stock Video & Audio Resources