A Global Boutique Studio

We love to design - and we'll do it in any form.  Our creativity has impacted tv channels, yachts, feature films, global events, magazines, the news and even the US presidential elections. We're constantly seeking new challenges, and no matter what the product or project, branding is always at the heart of our process. We like to build relationships with carefully chosen local and global brands. Our clients are our friends and most of our work is by referral. At astralize there's no red tape and no middle man - just you, the project and the designer.

Sameer Zavery

Sameer is an award-winning multi-disciplined design director who is in great demand by clients seeking high-end design and an unwavering commitment to their project. His ability to move seamlessly between the screen, print and web, creates consistent and fully-immersive brand experiences.  From large format multi-screen productions to pixel-perfect app iconography, Sameer understands the full spectrum of todays digital design deliverables.  With an international background and a passion for traveling, his design solutions have a global perspective that are both unique and relevant to todays worldwide trends. Whether you are looking for a refresh, a completely new identity or want to build on an existing brand, Sameer has the experience and hands-on skills to get you there.

Extended Network

We have a dedicated network of professional friends across the globe who join us from time-to-time for extra oomph. We've all worked together for many years and our workflow is extremely smooth...can't say the same about our accents though!

Brand Experience

We've had the privilege of working with some great brands.